In the business of planting trees

In the business of planting trees

For only being a few months into 2021 it has been a year full of change for us, both personally and professionally. One of the biggest changes we are happy to announce is our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Since pivoting to retail in June of 2020 we have been searching for an organization that we could partner with and that aligned to what we are doing as a company. Since we are in the business of designing and selling paper products it only seemed fitting to partner with such an amazing organization as One Tree Planted. 

One Tree Planted is in the business of global reforestation. We give a portion of our proceeds from every order to help support their efforts. They are pretty active in just about every corner of the world and you can direct where your donations go, or simply allow them to funnel your donations to the areas with the greatest need. With all the wildfires we have seen these past few years, this is a momentous task, to say the least.


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